Fasting and prayer key to breakthrough

Get it here! But I do know the incredible benefits of fasting and that it is key to breakthroughs. I have received many breakthroughs and revelations during periods of fasting.

fasting and prayer key to breakthrough

It is a necessity for every healthy Christian. Fasting is a powerful spiritual tool that can potentially change your life. The rewards are great and definitely worth the temporary discomfort. There are times for all of us when it seems difficult to hear from God and to operate in the spiritual realm. So you press in and read the Word more, and you pray more, but still nothing or just perhaps a trickle of something.

Friend, that might just be the time when a period of fasting is needed to get the job done.

fasting and prayer key to breakthrough

Scripture tells us of the many times when fasting resulted in incredible breakthroughs such as when:. Isaiah 58 God gives us some of the reasons for biblical fasting. Others can be found modeled throughout the Bible. Here are some of the main reasons to fast:. Please keep in mind that you should always be led by the Holy Spirit before embarking on a fast and that you should always have a purpose for doing so.

You should never boast about fasting and be spiritually proud of fasting because it will destroy the whole thing and you will receive no reward for it whatsoever. I tell you the truth, that is the only reward they will ever get.

Prayer and Fasting for a Breakthrough

But when you fast, comb your hair and wash your face. Then no one will notice that you are fasting, except the Father, who knows what you do in private. And your Father, who sees everything, will reward you. It will be related to whatever motivated you to start fasting in the first place.Ephesians 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Marriage is an institution created and ordained by God, Genesis Gods will for marriage is that it be enjoyed and not be endured. God expects the marriage of every Christian to be a glorious one and He also expects every eligible single believing for marriage to be happily united to their God ordained spouse.

Unfortunately, today there are a lot of shattered marriages, a lot of broken homes and divorces,a lot of singles who are believing God for a life partner but still cannot find the right person. All this are as a result of satanic manipulations and oppression. The devil will always fight anything good in the life of Gods children, therefore to see marital breakthrough you must be given to intense prayers.

Today we shall be engaging in a 4 days fasting and prayer for marital breakthrough. Fasting is depriving your flesh of its desires, lusts and wants, so that your spirit can focus on God for your desired turnarounds. Fasting and prayer is a spiritual weapon for speedy breakthrough. Jesus said in Matthewthat there is a kind challenge that will not go untill we fast and pray. If you want to see the hand of God upon your life speedily, you must be given to fasting and prayers.

When we fast, our spirit man is sensitive to wage spiritual warfare. To set yourself free from the bondage of marital setback, you must engage in fasting and prayer. No matter the powers of darkness that is working against your marital destiny, as you engage in this fasting and prayer exercise, you shall be delivered instantly in Jesus name.

This fasting and prayer program is for the following people:. A Those who are believing God for a marital partner B Those who are victims of spirit husbands and spirit wives C Those who keep suffering from heart break and broken relationships.

D Those suffering from marital spells and enchantments E Divorcees F Those having issues in their marriage G Other marital related issues. If you are suffering from any of the above challenges, I encourage you to fast and pray. Fasting in itself is nothing without prayer. Fasting is preparing your spirit by putting your flesh under subjection. When you put your flesh under subjection, your spirit is now sensitive to connect to heaven for your breakthrough.

Fasting makes your prayers very effective. As you engage in these 4 days fasting and prayer for marital breakthrough, every marital siege in your life shall be destroyed forever in Jesus name. I encourage to engage this fasting and prayer exercise with faith and great expectation and you shall see the deliverance of the Lord.

For the fasting, you can choose any time that soothes you, you can fast from 6am to 6pm,or 6am to 12pm. Also you must create time in between to pray the prayers for your marital breakthrough. Remember, it is the prayers, that gives value to your fasting. Fasting without praying is simply going for hunger strike. As you add prayers to your fasting, no devil can destroy your marital destiny. Every imagination of the enemy against my marital life, be rendered impotent, in the name of Jesus.

Thou power in the blood of Jesus, separate me from the sins of my ancestors, in the name of Jesus. I renounce and loose myself from every negative dedication placed upon my life, in the name of Jesus. Oh Lord, cancel the evil consequences of any broken demonic promises or dedications, in the name of Jesus. I take authority over all the curses, emanating from broken dedication, in the name of Jesus. All demons, associated with any broken evil parental vow and dedication, depart from me now, in the name of Jesus.

I bind all principalities and powers of darkness operating over my life, in the name of Jesus. I bind all wickedness in high places and evil thrones of satan, operating over and within my life, in the name of Jesus. I bind all evil dominions and strongmen of my fathers house operating over and within my life, in the name of Jesus. I bind every witchcraft control and mind-blinding spirit, in the name of Jesus.Are there situations in your life that are hard?

Yes, prayer is the way we take our burdens to God, but did you know there is a way to pray harder and get to a place of a spiritual breakthrough in your faith? Today we will look at 27 fasting and prayer scriptures that instruct New Testament Christians to fast and pray. This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Life is hard and getting harder every year. The lost world keeps getting crazier and more sure they are right. The Christians around me are more intolerant. Very rarely do I see a glimpse of the power or abundant life Jesus said His disciples would have.

Jesus, when talking to the disciples talks about the life of a believer being powerful and abundant. How do you get to that place of living a powerful, abundant life? After many years in the faith, I realized there are parts of the scripture that we — the Church — ignore. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that the original believers would have practiced and seen great value in.

But fasting — setting aside what we seek for satisfaction in order to seek God for satisfaction — is not regularly taught in 21st Century churches. Why not? Fasting is where the power is, where the abundant life takes root and keeps on giving you strength to fight the real battle for the Kingdom of God!!!!!!!

Check out these fasting and prayer scriptures and see for yourself! But the days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast. I need Jesus before I set foot out of bed. If fasting and prayer are a way to draw nearer to Jesus when I need Him than I need to learn how to fast in a way that pleases God!Didn't those go out of style decades ago?

She knew her Bible. She was very serious in her questions. Yet for some reason, she had concluded -- at least subconsciously -- that fasting and prayer were no longer intended for believers in today's world. The combination of fasting and praying is not a fad or a novelty approach to spiritual discipline.

Fasting and praying are not part of a human-engineered method or plan. They are not the means to manipulate a situation or to create a circumstance. Fasting and praying are Bible-based disciplines that are appropriate for all believers of all ages throughout all centuries in all parts of the world.

Through the years, I have learned that many people in the church have never been taught about fasting and prayer, and many have therefore never fasted and prayed. As a result, they don't know why fasting and praying are important, what the Bible teaches about fasting, or how to fast. To many, fasting sounds like drudgery -- or a form of religious works. To others, fasting sounds extremely difficult.

People tend to stand in awe at reports of those who have fasted for several weeks. I couldn't possibly do that! Let me assure you at the outset of this book that I am not advocating prolonged periods of fasting for every believer. A fast can be as short as one meal. Neither do I advocate fasting and praying for the mere sake of saying with self-righteousness, "I have fasted and prayed about this. I do not advocate fasting apart from prayer.

The Bible has a great deal to say about both fasting and praying, including commands to fast and pray. The Bible also gives us examples of people who fasted and prayed, using different types of fasts for different reasons, all of which are very positive results. Jesus fasted and prayed. Jesus' disciples fasted and prayed after the Resurrection.

Many of the Old Testament heroes and heroines of the faith fasted and prayed. The followers of John the Baptist fasted and prayed. Many people in the early church fasted and prayed. What the Scriptures have taught us directly and by the examples of the saints is surely something we are to do. That breakthrough might be in the realm of the spirit.These cookies are essential to make our site work.

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50 Fasting Prayer Points For Breakthrough

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Will you give them over to me? Messengers told the king 'A vast army is coming against you! Also, make a commitment to pray three-times a day for the next 34 days saddleback. This list is just to get you started, see what else God may bring up during your prayer time.

fasting and prayer key to breakthrough

Pray about giving a Thanksgiving Offering and make a commitment to give this week. Spend time with these devotions everyday and share anything that you are learning with somebody else. Turn on your cookies for the best browsing experience.

fasting and prayer key to breakthrough

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Sign In Locations. Visit We are one church in many locations. Connect Life isn't meant to be lived alone. Act Serving is a great way to grow, meet others, and discover your calling. Watch Browse our library of messages including weekend sermons, Civil Forums, seminars, summits, and more.The Bible gives an account of a weary father whose son had been tormented by evil spirits from childhood.

Here is the point: breakthrough never happens to anyone in the bible who did not seek them. How long shall I bear with you? Bring him here to Me. Fasting is not for the strongfasting is for the weakfasting is for the common, fasting is for those who are hungry for God!

Fasting breaks you downfasting bring you to the placein a position of obediencehumility and brokenness before God and you understand : my Heavenly Father have the best for meand now I trust you! You should determine how many days are you going to fast in this 21 days, how many mealswhat are you gonna eat? You gonna be tiredhungry, bad breathe, sometimes fighting headachesometimes you have to apologise your family because your bad temper. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You are going to receive a key for your spiritual life. This world contaminated you with sin! Fasting brings miracles! Your faith began to explode as you fast I saw many miracles as result of my fasting and also as a result my faith grown up You need to grow in faithyou need to have experiences with God!

God is calling us to seek Him! God is calling us to fast and Pray! Fasting is a choice, but it is also obedience. You should determine how are going to fast This is a public fasting invitation for this church But In the private fast you should to determine how are you going to fast You should determine how many days are you going to fast in this 21 days, how many mealswhat are you gonna eat?

You gonna be tiredhungry, bad breathe, sometimes fighting headachesometimes you have to apologise your family because your bad temper, He devil will gonna try to defeat you!By Funmi Komolafe Brethren gradually, the month of January is coming to an end. This was a period that we had so much to eat and give away. Yes, you have resolved to go to church regularly and may have started doing that.

This is commendable but you require more than this to have a breakthrough this year. Note the reply of Jesus. First, he emphasized the importance of faith. So, faith is important. He has simply told us that fasting is a key to a major breakthrough.

We should see it more as a way of lifting up our spiritual life. Indeed a way of moving closer to God. Brethren, how many days in a week do you fast? You cannot afford to live your life for the physical alone. You must take steps to grow your spiritual life.

Remember, the spiritual controls the physical. Choose your own time of fasting. Fast and pray and as you grow up spiritually, challenges will melt away. John the Baptist also fasted so did several other personalities in the Holy Bible. What did King Jehoshaphat do? Why do you think he proclaimed a fast? The king knew that he needed divine help to defeat these forces and he succeeded.

The body is light and the Spirit is not too heavy to hear from God. Moreover, fasting teaches us to make sacrifice and present our burden to God.

It also makes you loose weight. So, when last did you fast? Brothers and sisters, you cannot afford to live by physical bread alone. In other words, eating and drinking days in a year does not add value to our spiritual life.

It rather weakens us and makes us vulnerable to spiritual attacks. Take a personal decision to fast today. It could be once or twice a week or as the Spirit directs you. One day, the Holy Spirit ministered to me to join the sanitation department. My story changed as my husband surfaced within a week.

Are you in a similar condition of waiting like our sister?

Praying And Fasting For A Breakthrough

Prepare yourself for a breakthrough. Take the necessary steps and the Lord will intervene in that situation to your benefit in Jesus name. Download Vanguard News App. Thursday 09 April. Follow vanguardngrnews.

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