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That is all. He was a former animator who visited the Workshop 30 years later. His former colleague is named Joey Drew. Little is known about Henry's early life before he worked as an animator with Joey Drew in the Workshop. He left the studio inlikely because he had a heavy workload, stating in the game that he "wasted so much time" on his desk and that he doesn't get much from Joey despite giving so much. Henry then head to the old workplace, and upon entering the workshop, his task is to locate the Ink Machine and then activate it.

As he restored the ink pressure and switch it on, Henry then goes back to the Ink Machine room, only to be jumpscared by Ink Bendy. He now tries to get out of the workshop, but falls down in a trapdoor into a secret room that leads to a place called the Pentagram Room. Once Henry goes there, he then felt an unknown tremor alongside with flashbacks before collapsing into unconsciousness.

Still being in the Pentagram Room, Henry regained consciousness and started to find a new exit out. Along the way, he has to find a sanctuary found by Sammy Lawrence, the former music director at the Workshop, as an objective. Later, he was knocked out again and kidnapped by an ink creature.

This ink creature is revealed to be Sammy himself, who took Henry to a room to sacrifice him to "Bendy". However, he was presumably killed by the latter in the procedure, and Henry managed to escape "Bendy". He locked the door from behind before entering a vault to meet a revived Boris one of the cartoon characters in person. After a quick meal and opening the door, Henry travels with Boris into the depths of the studio. Claiming that she will help Henry escape if he does favors for her, she sends him out into the complex to find items for her.

A hidden audio log from Henry himself, recorded only two weeks after the studio opened, can also be found. It confirms that Henry helped to set up the studio with Joey as a co-founder.

He complains that Joey is only an "ideas man" rather than a worker and that the constant flow of work has kept him away from a woman named Linda, possibly a spouse.

The diary ends with Henry remarking that he's come up with a new character that he thinks people will love. Yelling that the Boris travelling with him is the most perfect one she has seen in order to fix her body. Once Henry finds the valve, he places it in the bolt and opens the door to find a stage where some of the Lost Ones are stuck in a pose.

Henry then turns around the stage and goes into the library where he gets a sudden memory flashback from the past.

What Does Bendy Think Of You?

Henry then pushes some books back inside, that were falling out, and they somehow open a door to a secret passage. Henry comes across a bridge, as he follows it, he notices that the lever for the bridge is missing a few pieces. Henry grabs a small Ink Blob and uses it in an Ink Maker and makes a cog, which he uses to repair the lever.

Henry then uses the bridge to get to the other side. As Henry enters through a door, he gets another vision flashing to him. In the vision, lots of ink covered arms are pleading for help. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.See Alice disambiguation or Angel disambiguation for other related uses.

I'm Alice Angel! Alice Angel is a cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios. Similar to the other popular characters, like Bendy and BorisAlice starred in a series of cartoons during her debut as the studio's first female cartoon character. Alice Angel was first voiced by Susie Campbell who feels to bear a connection with Alice, unlike the other characters she previously voiced, [2] while mentioning that Sammy thinks Alice may be as popular as Bendy someday.

Alice has a combination of angelic and demonic traits, with a pair of horns as well as a halo floating above her head. Her horns can move to point downwards when she's in distress, as seen in her game-over image in Bendy in Nightmare Run.

She's a character with charm, but brains too. When Bendy is getting up to something, Alice is there to throw a wrench into his schemes. Well, she's quite a gal," said Joey Drew with a wry smile.

We think Alice's fiery, sharp character will really resonate with Bendy fans, " — Joey Drew [1]. Alice is stated to be a dynamic, strong and an intelligent character with charm and brains. She is there to stop Bendy's schemes whenever the little devil is up to something, acting as the more sensible side of the two. Heard from her " I'm Alice Angel " song from Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3she is revealed to be sweet and happy-go-lucky, as her angelic nature would imply.

Sammy Lawrence referred to Alice's voice as both "heavenly and beautiful". As shown in the cartoon " Cheap Seats ", she is generally upbeat and enjoys spending time with Bendy, as evident by her agreeing to go see a film, upon seeing a poster. Alice appeared from the second to fifth chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine as several props dedicated to her like plush toys, brief cutouts, and cartoon clips.

Twisted Alice and Allison Angel are the original Alice's real-life counterparts. Alice Angel appears in the mobile spin-off as one of the playable characters, available when purchasing 7, Bacon Soup cans.

bendy personality

While having a slightly less health, she is able to spawn extra Bacon Soup packs in 2, 4, and 6 during gameplay. General According to theMeatly on Twitter, Alice is "quite a gal", a hint to the tagline that would accompany her appearance in Chapter 3.

Additionally, she is the only one with a confirmed voice actor.Bendyalso known by his corrupted physical form Ink Bendyis the titular main antagonist of the Bendy franchise. He serves as the titular main antagonist of Bendy and the Ink Machinethe titular main protagonist in the mobile spinoff video game Bendy in Nightmare Runand the main antagonist of Boris and the Dark Survival.

He also appears in the novel Dreams Come to Lifeonce again as the main antagonist. In Bendy and the Ink Machinehe is the main antagonist of Chapter 1, 2 and 5, the secondary antagonist of Chapter 3 and an anti-hero in Chapter 4. Ink Bendy is set to return in the second installment Bendy and the Dark Revivalalthough his role is unknown. A cartoon devil created by Joey Drew and Henry Stein for their cartoon, Bendy was then brought to life susceptible by the Ink Machine as Ink Bendy, who is a malformed ink humanoid version of Bendy made by the Ink Machine by Joey Drew in an attempt to bring cartoons to life.

Bendy resembles that of an old-fashioned cartoon character: having a black and white color scheme, cartoonish gloves, and a cheerful-looking expression which apparently never changes. In addition to this, the top of his head resembles cartoony "horns", he wears a white bow tie, and sports black shoes.

His eyes are in a pie-cut style, resembling that of an old, s cartoon character. Ink Bendy is an ink character similar to the original Bendy, except that he himself has a huge humanoid shape; his face is covered with dripping ink, and he has a large left arm and a small right arm. His left hand appears to have a glove, whilst his right hand appears to have a glove "painted" on it.

His bowtie is also crooked on his body, being more in the center of his chest rather than the top. His right foot appears more claw-like, while his left foot appears to just be a blob. This form is also notably taller than Henry. Beast Bendy is the second form of Ink Bendy, having a slightly similar appearance. However, unlike Ink Bendy, Beast Bendy is taller and skinnier, showing much broader spines on the back and the shoulders, and bearing rows of sharp teeth and longer but slender horns.

However, Ink Bendy has spared Henry multiple times. One example is in Chapter 4, when Henry is climbing through the vents and Bendy jumps up and garbs the vent but makes no attempt to harm Henry. While they traded blows, Ink Bendy overpowers Norman and strangles and decapitates him, and afterwards looks into the Miracle Station and sees Henry, only to drag The Projectionist's corpse into the darkness with him and spare Henry's life.

Ink Bendy also appears to be slightly narcissistic, as he reacts poorly to having his cardboard cutouts destroyed and violently hunts down the perpetrator until they're dead. In Chapter 5, an audio log from Joey Drew showed that Ink Bendy used to be harmless and merely wander around the studio, not harming anyone but was locked up by Joey, due to concerns that he would scare people and was implied to have been driven insane as a result.

Alice Angel

Bendy is also implied to be unaware of what he is doing due to the fact he is soulless. In the Dreams Come to Life novel Bendy was shown to be sad about being locked in the infirmary. When Buddy releases Bendy, Bendy sniffs Buddy but doesn't kill and escapes. Later Bendy faces off against Buddy and his friend Dot. Bendy is shown to toy with them as he squeezes Dot, "Not hard enough to kill her but hard enough to hurt her.

Bendy kills Buddy after Buddy tries to drown him in ink. Ink Bendy first appeared in the first chapter as the main antagonist, although also as a cardboard cutout. Several of these can be seen throughout the Workshop the setting in the game. Some of these cutouts appear to move on their own, especially the one that pops up near the theatre room, and the other appearing behind Henry in a hallway.

Bendy also appears on multiple posters throughout the workshop and sticker-like objects on the walls and desks. Several sketches of the character also appear on some desks, especially one of his head with a sticky note reading "NO" on it. After Henry collects all six items, Bendy appears on a projection in the theatre room. After Henry activates the Ink Machine, the entrance to the Ink Machine's room is suddenly boarded up. Upon getting closer, Ink Bendy will burst from the boards, attempting to grab Henry while screeching.

After seemingly failing, Ink Bendy retreats back into the Ink Machine room, whilst the hallway that Henry is in begins to fill with ink. Ink Bendy can be seen again when in the Pentagram Room. He appears for a split second in two flashbacks, along with a wheelchair and the Ink Machine, before Henry passes out.

Originally before the Bendy flashback Ink Bendy could be spotted standing near Henry's desk.See Bendy disambiguation for other related uses. Bendy is a cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios as their mascot in the very late s. He is as well the titular character of the Bendy franchise, being its namesake. The studio's flagship character, Bendy starred in a series of cartoons thirty years prior to the events of the first game, often alongside the studio's other characters such as Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel.

Bendy is also hired in Briar Label Bacon Soup products as an endorsing spokestoon. Bendy was originally created in by Henry Steinbut the record book of Joey Drew Studios states that Joey Drew was the person who created him. Bendy is a cartoon demon-like imp character with his appearance entirely colored in black apart from his face, which is white in color. He wears shiny black shoes, a white bowtie, and a pair of gloves that closely resemble those of other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, each possessing two black buttons.

The shape of his head resembles cartoonish horns that always remain facing the viewer no matter which way Bendy is facing. Because he lacks a neck, his head floats a few millimetres away from his body.

Bendy has a most notable wide, toothy grin, showing eight teeth when he's grinning fully. His alleged "invisible eyebrows" from above his large pie eyes can even move when expressing his emotions.

In terms of his height, Bendy appears to be short, being easily towered over by Boris. He likes to get people's attention and he'll stop at nothing to make sure he has it. Bendy is a borderline troublemaker, but rather impatient and easily startled or timid, yet justifiably cheerful, fun-loving, and mischievous as his devilish nature would imply.

Bendy often refuses to pay for anything he buys, as he tries to take his burger without paying Charley in " Tasty Trio Troubles " and didn't pay Gaskette for his ride according to the latter's bio image.

According to Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbookwhile Bendy can be playful, he is not evil and his jokes are never mean-spirited. Bendy is also attention-seeking and easily distracted; he is never hardworking or courageous.

Bendy, as the studio's beloved mascot, appeared in all cartoons but Alice Angel's Siren Serenade cartoon. Bendy only appears as a number of destructible cardboard cutouts and even other multiple environmental parts or decorations, like small clips of Bendy's cartoons, posters, plush toys, a Bendy cutout mask worn by Sammystatuesetc.

Human Characters

Ink Bendy is the severely deformed incarnation meant to bring cartoons to life by the Ink Machine. So far, a perfect-shaped Bendy without a person's soul does not exist. A little animation of Bendy in the theater location, in Chapter 1: Moving Pictures. Bendy's cutout leaning against the wall that was drawn with a ritual symbol, in Chapter 2: The Old Song.

Bendy will return in Bendy and the Dark Revival with the same function as in the first game. Bendy's cutouts, along with the " Little Devil Darlin' " and " The Dancing Demon " posters, are only found throughout the level locations. On occasions, Bendy's cutout will appear in the room when using the look-hole. Bendy appears as one of the main playable characters along with Boris and Alice Angel in the mobile spin-off Bendy in Nightmare Runand a first available character from the start.

His goal is to complete all five acts in each four cartoon levels. Unlike two other playable characters, Bendy lacks special abilities. This section contains non-canonical source, and is not considered as an official part of the series or the overall plotline. From the mod for Hello Neighbora rock in the shape of Bendy's head can be found in the refrigerator from the kitchen.

This is the exact model of Bendy's statue head seen inside the upper ceiling of Chapter 2 where one of the Wandering Sin cutouts is located. Bendy appears in the non-canonical animated short, where he investigates a room, he then hears the door knock which startles him.Hey guys!

I'm back with another quiz. I got this idea from all the other awesome Bendy quizzes out there. If you made one, thumbs up! And now, time for the quiz.

bendy personality

More than a thousand people took this quiz. I have to thank all of you. Also, I didn't know the bendy fandom was that big. Also jeez my old bendy fanart is cringy! Bendy: I was asking for only ONE weapon. Search Speak now. Video Games General Knowledge Quiz! Featured Quizzes. Quiz: What U. City Should You Live In? Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Oswald: Today's quiz is going to be What is your favorite color?

Oswald: It's my turn now! Bendy: Please don't make it a stupid question! Oswald: I won't, I won't. What is your favorite food category? Bendy: Choose me! I am obviously better than Oswald! Bendy: Now that's over with, it's my turn. Oswald: Hey, at least be polite in front of our guest! Bendy: What is your favorite weapon?See Joey disambiguation for other related uses. There's something I need to show you. Joey Drew is an old friend of Henry and the founder of Joey Drew Studioswell known for introducing the popular Bendy cartoons from the times of past as both a director and writer.

He tried to use the Ink Machine for creating living versions of his cartoons, but they turned out mutated in the attempts that went wrong. Initially founding the company with Henry, it is Joey's message to his old business partner 30 years later that draws Henry back to the old studio.

In Bendy and the Ink Machinehe is mentioned numerous times from Chapter 1: Moving Pictures to Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders in the audio logs scattered throughout the studio by the other employees and even leaves some of his own audio logs behind.

In Chapter 5: The Last ReelJoey finally makes a physical appearance at the end when Henry came to visit his apartment. As hinted by few hidden secret messages and some of his audio logs in Bendy and the Ink Machineand claims told by Norman Polk in Dreams Come to LifeJoey is highly presumably the insincere antagonist of the Bendy franchise.

In the Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbookit is revealed that he occasionally sent memos to staff members, which reveal much of his work.

One of his memos reveals the existence of the Ink Machine and the Ink Makers positioned all over the studio, [1]. Another memo is a notice to the studio staff of Susie Campbell's then-recent employment. However, he adds a cursive warning not to distribute the letter to Susie Campbell, for reasons as-of-yet unknown.

Only seen at the end of Chapter 5 of the first game in the current time ofJoey is a slight elderly-aged man with blue eyes, slicked-back grey hair and a slim mustache. Due to his current age, Joey has walking difficulties while still able to stand up and walk to some extent. The wheelchair he owns is to help him move around when necessary. Joey is optimistic in general, which reveals him to be something of a workaholic in other words, "compulsive worker".

Speaking with a thick, distinctive western accent, Joey himself in his past age boasts the personality of a big thinker and dreamer, a man with large aspirations for both himself and his company. Claiming that belief can get everyone from anywhere in the world, Joey's larger than life attitude was most likely a major selling point to Henry when starting the studio.

In Bendy and the Ink Machinethe other cassettes left behind by many animation studio employees, however, paint a different picture beneath the facade.

bendy personality

With numerous references to Joey's harsh work ethic, a mind constantly disregarding old ideas for new ones, and his eccentricities regarding offerings to the gods, Joey's working personality hints at a more obsessive side to his work that slowly began to alienate his staff. On the surface, he seems like a jovial, caring, passionate, yet over-the-top man who wants others to accomplish their dreams, but as heard in his audio log in Chapter 4this is all merely a facade as in reality he appears to be a greedy, manipulative, selfish, callous backstabber who only cares about his own gain and is willing to do anything to have it all.

He seems to care little about his employees, seeing them as expendable. This is evident as he is heard speaking about sacrificing them to fulfill his wishes.

When he shows up in Chapter 5he seems to have become remorseful and repentant, realizing his actions were the wrong ones and what Henry did was right. At some point before the events of the beginning of the game, Joey sends Henry a note inviting him to come back to the workshop, claiming that something special is waiting for him to find.

That something would be the Ink Machine. It isn't long before Henry discovers the duplicated, imperfect corpse of Borisasking in thought what Joey was doing in order to make a cartoon real and dead. A diary cassette recorded by Wally Franks explains more on how the Ink Machine works.

Wally claims that Joey commanded the workers of the studio to donate things from their work stations and set them on each pedestals from the break room to help "appease the gods" in the holiday season. Thomas Connor 's cassette complains that he had enough repairing the pipes for Joey because of his own struggles fixing the ink pipes, not to mention the loud noise coming from the Ink Machine.

Joey is mentioned by several other known workers from the studio in more diary cassettes, such as Norman Polk and Sammy Lawrence.

According to Sammy's diary cassettes recorded when he was still human, it is revealed that Joey is the one who bought the Ink Machine for the company.

Sammy complains that the constant leaking of the pipes is distracting him from his work, hinting that Joey has little care for his employee's feelings about the Machine affecting their working lives. After observing Sammy's strange behavior regarding the projection booth to access his sanctuary, Norman was debating whether or not to talk with Joey about what Sammy was doing.

However, Norman then admits that Joey has his own peculiarities, hinting at strange quirks that are just as bad, if not worse, than Sammy's. Joey is once again mentioned by yet more workers from the studio and even leaves a cassette from himself behind if the player chooses the Demon Path room. Shawn Flynnone of the people responsible for manufacturing the toys based on BendyBorisand Alicecomplains that Joey flew into a rage at seeing that some of the Bendy dolls had a slightly crooked smile as foul-ups.

Shawn comments that Joey's perfectionism is unhelpful since it is not aiding in the situation of the Alice toys not selling well.The character sheet for the Meatly video game, Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The Player Character. A former animator and friend of Joey Drew's, Henry receives a letter asking him to return to the animation studio.

bendy personality

A famous animator and head of the studio where Henry used to work. He is the creator of Bendy and Boris, both in the sense that he made their cartoons, and in a much more literal sense Once the head of the Music Department, Sammy started acting weirdly around the same time the Ink Machine's pump function was installed in his office to get rid of the ink leaks. He's still here too, but not as he once was A young and aspiring voice actress working for Joey Drew.

Her first big role seems to be Alice Angel but she was replaced before any lines could be recorded. The janitor of Joey Drew Studios. He's one of the many employees who complain about the ink machine, as well as Joey and Sammy's Sanity Slippage. The projectionist of the studio who also runs the projector inside the orchestra room. Like Wally, he seems to be aware that Joey and Sammy have been acting very strange.

An employee who worked in the Heavenly Toys department of the studio. He questions why Mr. Drew got so angry with him for painting some of the Bendy dolls with a crooked smile, and wonders what to do with the Alice Angel dolls that aren't selling. A plumber and mechanic who worked on keeping the Ink Machine's pipes in prime condition.

However, both the frustration toward said job and the machine giving him a bad feeling has him decide to not take any more jobs for Joey Drew. A man who is presumably responsible for Joey Drew Studio's finances. He is frustrated that Joey Drew's endless stream of ideas is costing the studio too much. A voice actor at Joey Drew Studios. She was picked over Susie as the voice of Alice Angel.

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